UHMWPE Max Sheet


Kormax UHMWPE Max has similar properties to normal Kormax UHMWPE, however it is enhanced with special additives that improve abrasion resistant and reduce friction. Kormax UHMWPE has excellent impact resistance and can be used in low temperatures down to -80ºC. It is the high performance grade of UHMWPE, for demanding conditions where low friction and low wear material is required

Machining Allowances

All sizes are nominal sizes, please contact Kormax for any additional information if required.

Size Tolerances
1mm – 10mm < 0.2mm – > 1.0mm
12mm – 25mm > 0.3mm – 1.1mm
30mm – 50mm > 0.5mm – 1.2mm
60mm-100mm > 0.1mm – 1.6mm

All  tolerances  are  subject  to  change  without   notice, please contact Kormax for further information.

Kormax Size Range

Kormax can also cut any size or shape to length at no extra cost

Kormax UHMWPE Max Sheet
Standard sheet size 3000mm x 1200mm or cut to size
Stock Code Blue Thickness (mm) KG/MTR2
KUHMS3 3 2.85
KUHMS5 5 4.75
KUHMS6 6 5.7
KUHMS8 8 7.6
KUHMS10 10 9.5
KUHMS12 12 11.4
KUHMS15 15 14.25
KUHMS20 20 19
KUHMS25 25 23.75
KUHMS30 30 28.5
KUHMS35 35 32.2
KUHMS40 40 38
KUHMS50 50 47.5
KUHMS60 60 57
KUHMS70 70 66.5
KUHMS80 80 76
KUHMS100 100 95

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