Silver Steel


Kormax supply only genuine english made silver steel of the highest quality.

Silver steel is a versatile high carbon tool steel that is ground to very close tolerances. It is so called because of its highly polished appearance created by the extremely fine surface finish. The high carbon content of this BS1407 Silver Steel means that it can be hardened to give considerable wear resistance and the chromium content increases strength and hardenability. It is readily machinable as supplied in the spheroidised annealed condition.

Dimensional Tolerance

Size Range Tolerance
up to 7/8” +/-0.00025
1” to 2” +/-0.0005
up to 24mm +0.0/-0.015mm
25mm to 50mm +0.0/-0.025mm

Chemical Composition

Element Range (%) Nominal (%)
Carbon (C) 0.95-1.25 1.13
Silicon (Si) 0.40 max 0.22
Chromium (Cr) 0.35-0.45 0.43
Sulphur (S) 0.045 max 0.018
Manganese (Mn) 0.25-0.45 0.37
Phosphorus (P) 0.045 max 0.014
Iron (Fe) Balance Balance

Kormax Size Range

Kormax can also cut any size or shape to length at no extra cost

Solid Round
Imperial Solid Round (Diameter) Length Code
1/16 1000mm SISTI1/16
3/32 1000mm SISTI3/32
1/8 1000mm SISTI1/8
5/32 1000mm SISTI5/32
3/16 1000mm SISTI3/16
7/32 1000mm SISTI7/32
1/4 1000mm SISTI1/4
9/32 1000mm SISTI9/32
5/16 1000mm SISTI5/16
11/32 1000mm SISTI11/32
3/8 1000mm SISTI3/8
7/16 1000mm SISTI7/16
1/2 1000mm SISTI1/2
9/16 1000mm SISTI9/16
5/8 1000mm SISTI5/8
11/16 1000mm SISTI11/16
3/4 1000mm SISTI3/4
13/16 1000mm SISTI13/16
7/8 1000mm SISTI7/8
1 1000mm SISTI1
1-1/8 1000mm SISTI1-1/8
1-1/4 1000mm SISTI1-1/4
1-1/2 1000mm SISTI1-1/2
1-3/4 1000mm SISTI1-3/4
2 1000mm SISTI2
Metric Solid Round (Diameter) Length Code
2mm 1000mm SISTM2
3mm 1000mm SISTM3
4mm 1000mm SISTM4
5mm 1000mm SISTM5
6mm 1000mm SISTM6
7mm 1000mm SISTM7
8mm 1000mm SISTM8
9mm 1000mm SISTM9
10mm 1000mm SISTM10
11mm 1000mm SISTM11
12mm 1000mm SISTM12
13mm 1000mm SISTM13
14mm 1000mm SISTM14
15mm 1000mm SISTM15
16mm 1000mm SISTM16
17mm 1000mm SISTM17
18mm 1000mm SISTM18
19mm 1000mm SISTM19
20mm 1000mm SISTM20
21mm 1000mm SISTM21
22mm 1000mm SISTM22
23mm 1000mm SISTM23
24mm 1000mm SISTM24
25mm 1000mm SISTM25
26mm 1000mm SISTM26
27mm 1000mm SISTM27
28mm 1000mm SISTM28
30mm 1000mm SISTM30
31mm 1000mm SISTM31
32mm 1000mm SISTM32
35mm 1000mm SISTM35
38mm 1000mm SISTM38
40mm 1000mm SISTM40
45mm 1000mm SISTM45
50mm 1000mm SISTM50

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