4E Cast Iron


Kormax 4E Continuous Cast Iron bars consist of a uniform pearlitic structure from surface to core.

As a continuous cast iron bar it has a fine grain structure combined with the fine graphite flake size and dense homogeneous structure.

The material is well suited for high speed machining and is suitable in applications that demand the ability to withstand high pressures without leaking.

Chemical Composition

Element Symbol Range (%)
Carbon C 3.35
Manganese Mn 0.45
Silicon Si 2.60
Nickel Ni 0.08
Chromium Cr 0.08
Molybdenum Mo 0.01
Phosphorus P 0.10
Sulfur S 0.08
Magnesium Mg 0.01
Copper Cu 0.30
Iron Fe Balance

Kormax Size Range

Kormax can also cut any size or shape to length at no extra cost

Solid Round
Solid Round Diameter KG/Mtr
80mm 38.50
100mm 58.70
110mm 71.40
130mm 99.30
160mm 151.00
220mm 285.00
310mm 559.00

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