3D Ductile Cast Iron


3D Cast Iron is a ductile iron that has a stock grade of 3D and is otherwise known as spheroidal graphite or nodular iron.

The material is high strength, ductile and more readily machined than other styles of cast iron. Its properties include being highly elastic and resistant to impact and is suitable for applications involving thermal and mechanical shock.

3D Ductile Iron is also the preferred choice for making hydraulic cylinder components.

Chemical Composition

Element Symbol Range (%)
Carbon C 3.55
Manganese Mn 0.30
Silicon Si 2.50
Nickel Ni 0.03
Chromium Cr 0.02
Molybdenum Mo 0.01
Phosphorus P 0.10
Sulfur S 0.01
Magnesium Mg 0.04
Copper Cu 0.05
Iron Fe Balance

Kormax Size Range

Kormax can also cut any size or shape to length at no extra cost

Solid Round
Solid Round Diameter KG/Mtr
40mm 10.20
55mm 18.40
65mm 27.30
80mm 38.50
90mm 48.50
105mm 66.50
115mm 83.50
130mm 102.30
155mm 149.20
180mm 194.20
210mm 264.30
260mm 407.30

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